Fish Table Games Real Money — How and Where to Play Them

Fish Table Games Real Money

Fish Table Games are one of the latest additions to the online casino biome. Video slots and traditional table games like blackjack and roulette are evergreen, and nothing will likely surpass their popularity anytime soon. Still, it’s always nice when we’re presented with new and exciting game concepts like this one.

You may have never heard of titles such as Emily’s Treasure, Thunder Fishing, or Fishing Kingdom, and we can’t blame you. While fish arcade games are not new, they have only recently been linked with online casinos.

So, what is an online fish table game exactly? Does it have complicated rules and mechanics? Is it entirely luck-based, or is there some skill involved? How does one find and play fish table games online, and what are the best online casinos to try them in? Read on to get answers to these and many other questions.

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Guide to Fish Table Games Online

Fish Games

Fish games are arcade-style shooting games introduced in the 1980s. Back then, they were commonly seen in arcades, bars, and hotel lobbies. Over the last few years, fish table games have adapted to sweepstakes and online casinos, and you can now play them for real-money prizes.

The stage is set at the bottom of a sea or an ocean, with fish and other marine animals swimming in and out of view. The player takes control of an underwater gun/cannon and tries to catch as many creatures as possible by shooting at them. Smaller fish usually take one or two shots but are not worth much. Conversely, bigger and more exotic fish yield higher rewards but require more shots to be taken down.

The amount of ammunition you have corresponds with your balance, so you must pay attention to where you shoot so as not to waste any bullets. If you’re on the hunt for the biggest fish, remember that some of them can’t be caught with regular guns, so you must increase the bet/play size to upgrade your gear.

Fish games initially allowed multiple players to compete against each other and see who could catch the most fish and gather the highest number of points. Many online fish table games follow the same concept, although some have a single-player mode.

It’s easy to see why fish table games are becoming increasingly popular among online casino players. They are more interactive than video slots, offer a more vibrant environment than traditional table games, and bring a competitive spirit to the mix by pinning you against other players.

What Do You Need to Know About Fish Table Games Online

Fish games are nothing like your regular video slots, where you just hit the spin button and hope for the best. A little more action is involved here, but it’s not too complicated, either.

Once the game starts, the fish will immediately start swimming across the screen; however, remember to set your bet/play denomination before you begin shooting. Your cannon will usually be located in one of the corners—all you need to do is aim and click/tap to start shooting.

Each creature may have a power bar that will slowly go down as you shoot at it. Once you drain the fish’s energy entirely, it will disappear from the screen, and you’ll get a corresponding reward.

You can always upgrade to a cannon with more powerful ammo. That way, you will have an easier time catching the bigger fish, but this will increase your bet/play multiplier. Aside from fish, you can also shoot to collect powerups, which vary depending on the title. These can be various objects and creatures like bombs, crystals, crabs, and mermaids that lead to higher wins and multipliers or trigger bonuses such as treasure chests and prize wheels.

Most fish games are equipped with an auto feature that makes the cannon shoot automatically and a lock feature that locks in on a specific target.

How to Start Playing Online Fish Table Games at Sweepstakes Casinos

Sign Up to Play a Fish Game

You can start playing a fish table game in a matter of minutes — all you need to do is pick a sweepstakes casino site that features this specific type of game, sign up, make sure you have enough coins/money in your account, and load the game. Here’s the whole process explained in more detail:

  1. Pick a fish table game casino. We’ve provided you with the list of the best and safest sweepstakes casinos in the US. All you need to do now is choose the one that suits you most. Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to a single sweepstakes platform — you can create an account on as many as you like.
  2. Sign up. Signing up with a sweepstakes casino can be done in no time. Most platforms allow you to sign up using your Facebook or Google accounts, but you can also do it by typing in your email. However, you must also share other personal details later to verify your identity. Otherwise, you might not be allowed to purchase coins and withdraw real prizes.
  3. Claim the welcome offer. Every sweepstakes casino has a welcome offer that usually consists of Gold and Sweeps Coins (coin names can differ based on how the casino brands its currency). Once you register and type in the promo code (if necessary), the coins should automatically be credited to your balance. Sweepstakes casinos will keep giving you free coins daily and through various other promotions, so purchasing additional coins is always optional.
  4. Set the currency. Before you play the game, decide which currency you want to use. Sweepstakes casinos have two currencies — one that’s for casual play only and carries no monetary value and the other that you can turn into real prizes.
  5. Play the game. The games will usually be listed in a dedicated Fish Games category in the casino’s library. Find the game you want to play and launch it. Set your play denomination and aim and shoot the fish by using your mouse or tapping on your mobile screen. Best of luck!

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Is It Legal to Play Fish Table Games Online in the US?

There are two distinct types of platforms where you can play fish table games and other casino-style games.

Real-money online casinos are the first option. These allow you to deposit real money, and you can withdraw your winnings at any time.

As an alternative, you can also opt for sweepstake casinos. These don’t use real money — instead, they feature their own virtual currency. Players are never required to purchase this currency, as the coins are given to them through daily bonuses and other promotions. Only one of the two currencies carries real-money value, but it can only be withdrawn under certain conditions and with stringent limits.

Real-money casinos are definitely more attractive, as they offer a larger winning potential, but they also carry more risk. More importantly, they are unavailable to the majority of US players, as they’re only legal in a handful of states.

Sweepstakes are mostly aimed toward casual players who enjoy playing these games for fun rather than for a chance to win big money. Also, sweepstakes casinos beat their real-money counterparts in terms of availability, as they are legal across the US, with Washington being the only state to specifically not allow their operation.

Best Online Fish Table Game Casinos Reviewed

630,000 GC & 1,400 Fortune Coins on Sign Up
400,000 Free Coins + 1,000 free Entries
100,000 Gold Coins on Registration
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Fish table games are available at numerous sweepstakes casinos across the US. It’s perfectly legal to join these platforms as long as you’re not from Washington or any other state that is excluded, as outlined in the casino’s terms and conditions (usually Idaho and Wyoming).

Below is a quick snippet of the top four fish game casino sites. If you wish to learn more about each one, you can do so by reading our in-depth reviews.

🥇1. Fortune Coins Casino

Fortune Coins Casino homepage

Fortune Coins Casino is among the best sweepstakes casinos in the US. It was one of the first platforms to introduce fish games to its players — Emily’s Treasure is among its feature titles and a prime example of a great fish table game.

Aside from Emily’s Treasure, Fortune Coins casino features seven other fish games, like KA Fish Hunter, King Octopus, and Three-Headed Dragon. You can also find around 200 slots and a few other casino games. By registering with our special link, you will receive 360,000 GC and 1,200 FC upon signup, after which you can expect a flurry of other bonuses.

630,000 GC & 1,400 Fortune Coins on Sign Up

🥈2. Funrize Casino

Funrize Casino

Funrize Casino is another excellent option for fans of online fish table games. The site features two fish game titles from NetGame dubbed Thunder Fishing and Fishing Kingdom. Both are similar, as they allow up to four players, feature dynamic gameplay with medium volatility, and have crisp and colorful graphics; however, it’s worth noting that Fishing Kingdom has a max prize potential of 500,000 (compared to Thunder Fishing’s 250,000).

As for the rest of the Funrize library, all of its 70+ video slots come from NetGame, including over a dozen jackpot titles. The casino will grant you 125,000 Tournament Coins (TRN) for signing up. Plus, it boasts one of the best daily prize potentials, as a lucky spin on the Daily Wheel can win you up to 225,000 TRN and 500 Promotional Entries (PE).

You can play the fish games here online or via the Android & iOS apps of Funrize Casino.

400,000 Free Coins + 1,000 free Entries

🥉3. NoLimitCoins Casino

NoLimitCoins Casino

NoLimitCoins Casino is supplied exclusively by NetGame titles as well, so it also features Thunder Fishing and Fishing Kingdom in its fish table game section. As soon as you verify your account details at NoLimitCoins, you’ll receive 100,000 GC and 1,000 SC.

Aside from this welcome deal, you’ll get a full slate of other promotions, including daily wheel spins, email promos, referral bonuses, special personal offers, and massive purchase discounts. The casino also keeps things competitive by constantly running tournaments with prize pools worth millions of coins.

100,000 Gold Coins on Registration

🎖️4. TaoFortune Casino

TaoFortune Casino

TaoFortune is an Asian-themed sweepstakes casino with nearly 80 games, including the coveted Hold ‘n’ Link slots from NetGame. Like NoLimitCoins and Funrize, this casino only features NetGame titles, so it’s another platform where you can play Thunder Fishing and Fishing Kingdom.

The welcome bonus gives you a symbolic 88,800 Tao Coins on sign-up (88 is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture), while you will unlock the Secret Coins mode upon making your first purchase. TaoFortune rewards players for multiple reasons — from completing daily tasks to opening Magic Boxes and inviting friends.

128,000 Tao Coins + Daily 500 Free Secret Coins

Best Fish Table Games Online

There are numerous fish table games to choose from, but these are the ones you just can’t go wrong with.

Emily’s Treasure

Emily's Treasure

Emily’s Treasure was the first fish table game to appear at the Fortune Coins casino. As such, it is largely responsible for popularizing this category. The game has crisp graphics and sound effects and presents players with various exotic targets.

You can seamlessly increase or decrease your play level using the +/- buttons next to the cannon, while the Lock Attack and Auto Attack features can be turned on and off by using the buttons on the side of the screen. Emily’s Treasure also has the Energy Shot feature, which triggers randomly and doubles the reward for any caught fish while active.

Catching the Fire Dragon will kill all fish on the screen, while the All At Once catch takes out all the fish that are the same type as the one shown inside the symbol.

The rewards range from 2x for catching the yellow puffer fish to 120x for the hammerhead shark, golden hammerhead shark, and golden crab. Aside from in-game rewards, Emily’s Treasure can trigger the Fortune Coins progressive jackpot, which can be worth hundreds of millions of sweeps cash.

Thunder Fishing

Thunder Fishing..

Thunder Fishing is one of NetGame’s most popular creations. There are a dozen different species of marine animals you can catch, as well as a few special bonus symbols that occasionally float across the screen.

Up to four players can play on a single screen. You can shoot the fish manually or by using the laser, which locks onto a single fish and keeps firing until the creature is caught or swims out of view. The boost option will double your coin stake and make it easier to catch bigger targets.

The rewards for individual fish range from 2x to 120x. Interestingly enough, the non-fish symbols, including the helmet, the eagle, the temple, and the buffalo, are worth the most (the last one can trigger a reward of up to 200x).

There’s a bundle of extra features, including Lava Strike, Guardian Fish, Deep Sea Bomb, Piercing Drill, Super Laser, and others, each adding an exciting new layer to the gameplay.

Zeus and Thor will occasionally appear in the form of bosses, each yielding a 300x reward when killed. However, the most rewarding feature of the game is the Thundering Buffalo. If you catch this boss, you will get an initial prize of 100x and a bonus multiplier that can be anywhere from 2x and 25x, which means that the maximum potential award is a staggering 2,500x.

Fishing Kingdom

Fishing Kingdom.

Fishing Kingdom is also a NetGame title. However, this one comes with a slightly different layout than Thunder Fishing and has its own trademark features. You can co-op with up to four players and catch numerous creatures. The smallest fish are worth 2x, while the biggest reward comes from catching a blue shark — 200x.

Several unique bonus games add depth to the gameplay. The Pick’em Bonus awards up to 2,500x your stake, but you can also trigger the bonus wheel and earn free bullets or extra coins. Like Thunder Fishing, this game has a boss mode, and killing a boss can win you up to 600x your stake.

Upon shooting down a laser gun bubble, you will receive a very powerful laser that’s incredibly fun to play with, as it deals 100 to 500 hits to all its targets. Meanwhile, shooting down a cannon symbol will award you 100–300 free bullets.

KA Fish Hunter

KA Fish Hunter

KA Fish Hunter is a featured fish game made by KA Gaming. It’s available at Fortune Coins and ZitoBox. Depending on the bet levels, the game lets the player choose between three rooms — Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Like most other fish table games, it has lock-target and auto-fire functions that can be turned on and off at any time. There are 20 different creatures you’ll be trying to catch, with the most valuable ones being the dolphin (100x), the whale shark (150x), the special whale shark (200x), and the gold shark (200x).

The game’s bonus features include the Freeze Bomb (freezes all fish on the screen), Chain Win (causes a chain reaction that kills the fish of the same kind), and Special Bonus (applies win multiplier of 3x, 4x, or 7x).

King Octopus

King Octopus

King Octopus is another KA gaming release that can be played at Fortune Coins. It offers base game wins of up to 1,000x and boasts several unique features.

Just like KA Fish Hunter, the game has Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. There are loads of fun items you’ll be hunting for — from small species that award between 2x and 18x to golden ships and creatures like mermaids, octopuses, and blue whales. The king octopus is the most valuable catch, awarding anywhere from 68x to 368x.

Similarly to KA Fish Hunter, King Octopus has the freeze and chain reaction bonus features. It also boasts a couple of unique ones, like the drill (kills all fish in its path until it disappears) and the gunpowder barrel (causes a huge blast).

Can I Play Fish Table Games on Mobile?

Fish Table Mobile

Yes, you can. Sweepstakes casinos also offer their entire selection of fish table games online on mobile devices. Some even boast proprietary apps you can install on your smartphones and tablets. The only difference is how you aim — instead of using the mouse, you shoot by tapping directly on the fish you’re trying to catch.

The only slight disadvantage of playing fish games on mobile is the screen size. Aiming at specific fish might be a bit tricky, especially when they’re small.

Best Fish Table Game Casino Sign-Up Bonuses

630,000 GC & 1,400 Fortune Coins on Sign Up
400,000 Free Coins + 1,000 free Entries
100,000 Gold Coins on Registration
128,000 Tao Coins + Daily 500 Free Secret Coins

Sign-up bonuses can help you establish a starting bankroll at sweepstakes casinos, which makes them a critical factor in picking a platform to play on. Moreover, every sweepstakes intro promo is free, in contrast to real-money casinos that usually require a deposit.

Of course, sign-up bonuses differ from one site to the next. The table below displays current new customer deals at our top-rated fish table game casinos.

🎰Top-Rated Sweepstakes Casino🎁Welcome BonusHow to Claim❓
Fortune Coins360,000 GC + 1,200 FCClick here!
Funrize125,000 TRN CoinsClick here!
NoLimitCoins100,000 GC + 1,000 SC verification bonusClick here!
TaoFortune88,800 Tao CoinsClick here!

Fish Table Game Tips & Strategies

Many players who are new to fish table games wonder whether they are luck or skill-based. The answer lies somewhere in the middle — you can’t just push a button and hope Lady Luck does her magic, but no complicated math or strategy is involved, either.

That said, here are a few tips and tricks that might help your gameplay:

  • Start small. You’ll likely need some time to get the hang of the game, so begin with the smallest denomination possible and move up once you feel comfortable enough. This also applies to the fish you should be aiming at. Begin by targeting the smaller creatures, as they are easier to catch and will help you upgrade.
  • Study the paytable. The rule of thumb with fish table games is that the bigger and more exotic the fish, the higher your reward will be. However, it’s best to avoid speculating what each fish is worth — instead, you should check their exact values. The prizes can vary greatly, from smaller 2x multipliers to the fish that multiply your stake several hundred times. This is all transparently shown in the paytable that you can find in the game’s menu.
  • Ammo management is key. Coming out guns blazing is never the right approach with fish table games online. Every bullet you fire will take a bite out of your balance, so be careful with how much you’re shooting and what you’re shooting at.
  • Don’t waste small bullets on big fish. Some fish can only be caught when you upgrade your cannon (increase the play level), so shooting smaller bullets at big fish would be a total waste of ammunition.
  • Be cautious when using auto and lock features. Auto fire is good when you’re trying to rest your finger from constant clicking and tapping. On the other hand, the lock feature is useful for lasering in on specific fish. While these features clearly assist you, they can also waste more ammo, so try not to overuse them.
  • Make use of sweepstakes casino bonuses. Claim the casino’s welcome offer, and don’t skip any daily promotions. Invite your friends or subscribe to special email offers to maximize your balance. The higher it is, the higher your chance of catching bigger fish will be.

How to Pick the Best Fish Table Game Casino

Casino game studios are working on new fish games as we speak, and an increasing number of online casinos are adding them to their catalogs.

Since you may be new to this, you may need assistance picking the right fish game casino. Here’s what to consider:

  • Play on a tried and tested fish game casino site. Many rogue casino sites trick inexperienced players into joining, causing them to put their money and personal information at risk. Luckily, we are here to warn you of these sites and suggest the ones that are 100% safe, fair, and legal.
  • Browse the casino’s game library. Before signing up, check the casino’s game catalog and see whether you like its offer. Most casinos have only a single fish table gambling game, but some have started to feature multiple titles. If you are interested in slots and other casino games, check the rest of the library to see if the platform meets your expectations.
  • Pick a casino with the best bonuses. All sweepstakes casinos offer bonuses that allow you to play for free, but some platforms are more generous than others. Run a quick comparison to see which casinos have the best promotions for new and existing players. Also, if you plan to buy coins, find out which operator offers the best purchasing deals.
  • Check the banking options. Even if you don’t plan on making purchases, there’s always a chance that you might win enough Sweeps Coins and become eligible for real money prizes. That’s why you should always look into the casino’s banking options and policies before signing up.
  • Don’t settle for a single platform. Many quality sweepstake casinos offer fish table games, so there’s no need to limit yourself to just one. Moreover, creating an account on several platforms will allow you to explore a broader range of games and extend your gameplay through multiple bonuses.

Fish Table Games Await — Are You Ready to Dive In?

Fish table games have quickly gained popularity among online casino players tired of the same old concepts seen in video slots and traditional table games. The colorful graphics and dynamic gameplay make them irresistible; plus, they strike the perfect balance between skill and luck.

Better yet, it costs nothing to try them out. You can play free fish table games at the sweepstake casinos listed on this page. They won’t require a purchase, yet they will give you a shot at redeeming your coins for real cash prizes. Create an account in minutes, claim a hefty welcome offer, and start playing high-quality fish table games online!

630,000 GC & 1,400 Fortune Coins on Sign Up
400,000 Free Coins + 1,000 free Entries
100,000 Gold Coins on Registration
128,000 Tao Coins + Daily 500 Free Secret Coins


  • Can you win real money playing fish table games?
    Yes, you can win real money playing a fish table gambling game. These types of games are available at both online casinos and sweepstakes platforms.
  • How can I play fish table games for real money?

    First, you need to create an account on a casino site that features a fish game (check out our list for suggestions). From there, you can claim the casino's welcome offer — this way, you can have some coins to play with. If you win enough, you can redeem them for real prizes. Remember: each sweepstake casino has its own currency conversion rates and redemption limits.

  • Are fish table games rigged?
    If you play fish table games on one of the platforms we suggest, you should not worry about them being rigged. Games like Emily's Treasure and Thunder Fishing are made by reputable developers and will give you a fair chance at winning.
  • What are the best fish table game casinos?

    We scanned a few dozen sweepstake casinos in the US and concluded that the best ones for playing fish table gambling games are Fortune Coins, Funrize, NoLimitCoins, and TaoFortune. Fortune Coins stands out the most by having the widest choice of online fish table games — it currently boasts 8 titles.

  • What are the best fish table games?
    Emily's Treasure on Fortune Coins is a fish table game most US casino players are familiar with. Thunder Fishing and Fishing Kingdom by NetGame are also quite popular and can be found on multiple sweepstake casino sites.
  • Can I play fish table games with a no-deposit bonus?
    Yes, you can. As soon as you create an account on a sweepstakes casino site, you will be given free coins. These can be used to play fish table games or any other games offered on the platform.
360,000 GC & 1,200 Fortune Coins