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Play777Games is quite an interesting app, as it does not operate as a casino. Instead, it works as a platform where you can play lots of different slot games, and the only way to cash out is to redeem physical prizes with the virtual currency that it uses.

  • Free daily play
  • Easy registration
  • Lots of physical prizes to choose from
  • No cash prizes
  • Looks illegal

Because of the way this platform operates, the no deposit bonus does not come in the form of currency, but instead, it comes in free-play mode limited to minutes. This means that you can play over 60 slot games for free for a limited time, or, to be exact, 100 minutes every day.

At the time of this review, the platform is not available as a Play777Games app, but you can access it effortlessly through a browser on both desktop and mobile devices.

Play777Games Homepage

Play777Games App Features

📱Mobile AccessBuilt-in browser
🎲Number of Games on Mobile480+ Games
🎁No Deposit Bonus100 minutes of free play
💰Cash Prizes❌No
💵Virtual CurrenciesVirtual Credits
🏛️Operational InfoBSD Software Development, LLC, Launched in 2024

Since Play777Games does not have an app or APK for mobile devices, if you are someone who prefers to use an app instead of a browser, we suggest checking out McLuck or Pulsz. Both of these platforms offer free play, and they are sweepstakes casinos while having apps in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store.

Our Casino App Testers Thoughts on Play777Games App

Since we could not find a button to download a mobile app for Play777Games online, we decided to do the easiest thing to see if one even exists, and that is to ask customer support. To our surprise, the response from the built-in chat, where a bot would answer frequently asked questions, worked quite efficiently, but to our disappointment, we were informed that a mobile app does not exist at the moment.

We then wanted to play some games on the platform without registering, but that was not an option. Registering was quite fast, as we received the verification code within a minute or two.

Upon finishing the registration, we checked how the user experience felt while browsing the platform – the load times are quite nice, and all of the buttons lead where they’re supposed to.

We were never really lost while browsing, and the only thing we dislike is that when we wanted to check the bottom of the page, we had to scroll for quite a bit due to the games loading in. This can be seen as both good and bad since you will not have to wait long for new games to load in, but if you want to check out the ToS, Bonuses, Jackpot, Operators, and other info that is at the bottom, the scrolling can be annoying.


Registering for an account at Play777Games is quite straightforward. To begin the registration process, click or tap on the “Join Now” button that is on the top right of your browser or click on the big “Join Now” sign in the middle of the page.

To register, you will have to provide a desired username and your phone number, available only to residents from Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America. Without verifying the number, you cannot register. Other than this, you will have to agree to ToS and then click on “Get Code.”

After you receive a four-digit code, you will have to type it in and then click on “Verify.” Then, you can put in your desired password and finish the registration by clicking on “Join Us Now.”


We could not find the exact info for eligibility other than the age requirement. In order to play games at Play777Games, you are required to be at least 21. When it comes to US states’ eligibility, the ToS does not state anything specific about them, so we will assume that all of them are available as the casino does not operate legally in the States.

Verification requirements

The only verification process you will have at the platform is during the registration process, which is to provide a valid phone number from the US, Canada, or Mexico that will receive a 4-digit code required to finish the registration.

Virtual Currency

The platform uses virtual credits that can be used to play games for prizes. In order to buy these credits, you will not do it directly from the platform but from one of the operators, which raises red flags, as anyone can apply to be an operator on the platform.

Play777Games Mobile Experience & Performance

At the time of the review, according to the customer support live chatbot, there is no mobile app available. There might be an unofficial APK available somewhere, but we recommend staying away from third-party download files.


The variety of games at Play777Games is a great example of quantity over quality. And not in a good way. All of the games available on the platform are slot games – 60+ slot games you can access during free play or all the 480+ games that you can access once you purchase credits. However, they all come from shady operators that are hard to find information on, like Juwa and Game Vault.

Play777Games Casino Games

Play777Games Bonuses

The bonuses on Play777Games are not the typical bonuses you can expect from an online sweepstakes casino. The only bonus you can receive without connecting to an operator is the no deposit bonus, and for every other bonus, you will have to dive into the shady waters of operators.

Play777Games Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus

When you register on the platform, you will receive 100 minutes of free play every 24 hours by logging in. This is great if you want to kill some time by playing the available slot games for free. Do note that you will not have access to all slots on the platform, as some are locked behind credits.

50% Monday Bonus Madness

If you deposit between $25 to $50 between Monday 6 a.m. and Tuesday 6 a.m., you will receive a 50% deposit match bonus in credits.

100% Monday Bonus Madness

Like the previous bonus, you will have to make a deposit within the time frame between Monday 6 a.m. and Tuesday 6 a.m. However, you will have to deposit between $50 and $250 to receive a 100% match in credits.

Promo Code Bonus

If you happen to have a Play777Games promo code that has been given to you by an operator, you can use it to redeem a bonus to your account. The platform also sometimes sends these out through a text message or email.

Purchases and Redemptions

To purchase credits on Play777Games, you will have to find an operator, which you can do so under the “Operators” part of the platform. Since literally anyone can apply to become an operator, this is where the question of Play777Games legit comes into play. You cannot be sure if you are going to receive your credits or the prizes you redeem and if the games you play with purchased credits are fair to begin with.

When it comes to redeemable prizes, it all depends on the operator you are playing with, but you can play for prizes such as a spring lock collar, tennis balls, streetballs, and other physical items. If you are lucky, you might find an operator that offers some rewards that are more useful, like gift cards, but don’t put your hopes up.

Play777Games Operators

Should You Trust Play777Games?

From our years of experience, we can easily say that Play777Games does not look trustworthy. The first red flag is due to its strange operating system, where you are forced to purchase credits from third parties, and the main platform does not want to be reliable if you ever receive those credits or somehow lose them at random.

Considering that the website warns you that you are doing things at your own risk when making any kind of purchase or redeeming prizes, you know things are not to be trusted.

Support Tools

To contact customer support, you can use the platform to access live chat, which is operated by a bot, or you can send an online form to an email address. You can also create an operator ticket as well as a support ticket if you require technical support. Surprisingly, there are a lot of options to ask for help.

Play777Games Contact

Customer Support

We only interacted with the live chat support, as it was more than enough to answer our questions that we could not find about the platform ourselves. The bot replies instantly, and it gives very direct answers. Sure, sometimes there were situations where we did not understand what we wanted to know, but overall, it was a good experience.

Our Reviewer’s Conclusion on Play777Games App

Is Play777Games legit? We think it is not worthy of anyone’s time as shady operators can abuse it. On top of that, finding info about it being a legit sweepstakes casino is impossible, which raises a brow or two.

In the future, the platform might prove our scepticism wrong, but for now, we would much rather recommend platforms that we know are legit, such as or Fortune Coins. Both of these are well-received sweepstakes casinos where you can also play without making a deposit, but instead of physical prizes, you can withdraw cash when playing with sweeps coins instead.

630,000 GC & 1,400 Fortune Coins on Sign Up
10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash

Areas That Would Earn Play777Games a Perfect Score

There are quite a lot of areas that Play777Games could improve on. As you can probably tell from our Play777Games review, it seems to be a bit of a shady platform due to the way it operates. We dislike the fact that anyone can apply to be an operator and that there are a lot of operators to choose from.

We prefer a platform operated by a single entity, which could solve other issues, such as the prizes that are given out. While it is interesting to have physical prizes, for those who like gambling, we are sure that cash prizes are a preferred option.

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2.5 Overall Rating
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